Monday, March 21, 2022

FREE Radio Airplay: Song Submission Guidelines

To submit your music for radio airplay consideration on Talent Showcase Africa Playlist via Nam Radio Local and our affiliate mainstream radio platform ENERGY100 fm, please follow the following simple guidelines. It makes your presentation more professional and makes it easier for us to curate and to compile your music for radio rotation, AND for you to be in with a chance to enter the Talent Showcase Africa Radio Charts
We do respond to every submission that has been accepted for radio airplay. If you don’t hear from us, then it would be fair to assume that your song has been deemed unsuitable for our channel. We generally screen for production quality, vocal delivery and profanity, but we do refrain from sending back rejection letters so as not to offend or discourage emerging artists.
Having said that, you’re always welcome to submit another track for our consideration; OR simply resubmit an improved version of your already submitted track. In respect of improving your vocal delivery, we can offer you the Talent Showcase Africa FREE eBook for Singers.
How to Submit your Music
Send mp3 to | album cover (optional)
And please include the following information.
Artist Name:
Song Title:
Twitter Handle:
Instagram Handle:

Airplay Notifications via Twitter Explained
If you want to be notified when your track airs on Nam Radio Local, please include your Twitter handle with your song submission, so that every time your track plays, you will receive notification.
When you submit Album Cover (optional), we will include it when we air your track in our daily rotation schedule.
ALSO include a voice note introducing your song to our radio listeners… this will be inserted just before your track airs. In other words, you will be introducing your own track to radio audiences.
So be sure to do a good job, by putting in some vibrant energy and excitement into your presentation!
SMILE… the audience will love YOU.
CAUTION: We are receiving far too many badly recorded voice notes, and some are even in formats we cannot open.
So please up your game on this, short of which we will air your music without your voice note. And when you receive email from us about these shortcomings, please do your best to respond promptly.
What to say on tape (Example).
 “Hello everyone, my name is WizKid, I’m an afrobeat artist from Nigeria and this is my song Essence (ft. Tems). My track is available on all the major music download platforms. Thank you SO MUCH for your support. Please follow me on Instagram @wizkidayo.”
How to correctly label your MP3
Presentation is everything, therefore submitting your music to ANY media outlet using the correct format says a lot about YOU.
So here’s a quick tip on how to label your MP3 so that music curators will find it a lot easier to curate and playlist your song.
If the track only has YOUR name, as an example, you will label your MP3 using the following format.

WizKid - No Stress
If the track has one or more featured artists, as an example, you will label your MP3 using the following format (Always separate additional featured artists with a comma and a space).

WizKid - Essence (ft. Tems)
The reason we’re doing this
What we’re trying to do is to create a community of artists, radio listeners and fans, and to plug them into an ecosystem connected to both online and terrestrial radio, where emerging African artists get to reach a far wider audience; and where music lovers get to discover fresh new music they’ll likely not find on terrestrial and satellite radio channels.
The more this community—artists and listeners alike—share this platform with the world, the BIGGER the exposure for our emerging African artists.
That’ll be all for now. Be sure to register and submit your songs to Djooky Music Awards for a chance to win the weekly & seasonal cash prizes!
With best wishes,

Talent Showcase Africa Playlist Production Team

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